"Soy la que escribe y se escribe / I am the one who writes and who is being written."
-Gloria E. Anzaldúa

What is Mestiza? 

In a constant state of mental nepantilism, an Aztec word meaning torn between ways, la mestiza is a product of the transfer of the cultural and spiritual values of one group to another… the mestiza faces the dilemma of the mixed breed: which collectivity does the daughter of a darkskinned mother listen to?
— La conciencia de la mestiza / Towards a New Consciousness, by Gloria E. Anzaldúa
En unas pocas centurias, the future will belong to the mestiza. Because the future depends on the breaking down of paradigms, it depends on the straddling of two or more cultures. By creating a new mythos—that is, a change in the way we perceive reality, the way we see ourselves, and the ways we behave—la mestiza creates a new consciousness.

The work of mestiza consciousness is to break down the subject-object duality that keeps her a prisoner and to show in the flesh and through the images in her work how duality is transcended.


La Mestiza to Me...


I am deeply moved and influenced by the work of Gloria E. Anzaldúa.  Her words on what Mestiza is, resonates in my bones, and calls forth my spirit. She helped give words to my processes of self-definition, and my self-definition has shaped the terrain and expression of my medicine.

La Mestiza is la raza cósmica, the cosmic race.

La Mestiza is a confluence of identity, where Mexica meets Indigena, meets Xicana, meets Spanish, meets Africana…

La Mestiza is the embracing of all that has been cast out and renounced in the name of false hierarchy. We are our Indigenous parts. We are our Brown parts. We are our colonized parts transformed… we are our liberated parts embraced.
La Mestiza does not run from its darkness. We live there. We walk in shadows. We nurture our wounds and then birth the light. Like bees…sweetness comes from this work of dancing in the dark.

I am Mestiza, and I am new consciousness. I am old spirit meets new medicine. I am ancestor fused futurism. I am the new ancestor. I cannot separate bloodlines, and I know no other way to be. I am my every root. I am You.

I am a Mestiza woman. Living at the crossroads of many bloodlines, standing on the Borderlands of all that does not wish to claim me, and so I claim myself.  I am Bruja // deeply magic and shapeshifting :: I nourish my light and am unafraid to walk my darkness :: I am the work of transformation.  I am Mother // constantly growing into myself, as I watch my light grow outside of me.  I am Lover // forever kissing the shores where land and water meet.  I am Tierra // belonging only to the sacred geometries that birth stars.  I am Semilla // encoded ancient being, ready to burst, and remind the world that I always remember how to bloom...