Forces: A Tale of Contrary Motion

-Forces always come in pairs-

the way that darkest night reveals stars,

the way that birds know there is freedom beyond bars,

We are familiar
Because Body knows Universal Law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

this is law.

Universal law knows no bias.
It exists whether anyone watches or not,
whether anyone is there to commiserate about whether or not Force A deserved what Force B did to it upon interaction when forces collide-

These Universal Laws know no bias.

They only exist.

And play out in the tragic comedies we produce.
We laugh until we cry,
We cry until we laugh,
Sometimes we laugh to keep from crying,
and cry to keep ourselves from joy…

Sometimes that contrary motion is seamless…
like the tears that slowly roll after a triumph,
knowing how long the journey and how much blood was shed to get here…

that triumph over pain,
those deep wells of grief,
now the oceans of joy.

Sometimes...that contrary motion is seamless…
like two lovers
propelled by fate,
drifting by one another
long enough to caress,
before careening back
into the tumbles of separate paths,
with only a memory of skin
to tell the tales of friction and force

Force Unbiased


Sometimes that contrary motion is seamless.
And other times…

As “progress” is made,
A force unravels in the back.
As Beings stand for their humanity,
Force is geared for the attack…
Humans having no compassion,
if the skin happens to be Black,

Contrary motion
Can be painful.

When Black & Brown Movements
Collide with white power structures
the force is the same
Equal Force
And if you happen to be posited
in a place where you only see one side moving…
then I suppose it’s hard for you to believe there are two forces at play,
because forces always come in pairs

Moving like chords        Mirrored like stairs,

For the topics that you don’t think matter,
there is always someone that cares,

For the lives that capital says are not worthy,
there is an alternate reality that embraces those who Dare
Dream it into existence.

Mirrored chords

    Like Memories

        Sing Deep

    Like Memories

Mirrored chords

When force moves
Who is contrary motion?

Just because you cannot see it,
the Moon still pulls the tides of the Ocean
Laws of the Highest Order

What is it that you cannot see?
What veils you, as Force A,
from seeing, Force B?

Who says that although there is Death,
There cannot also be Dream?

Gravity     must also imply
a lightness of being

Shrouded in darkness
   Yet gifted with the art of seeing,
Blind Prophets.

Forces always come in pairs.

So are you the Force that heals?
     Or are you the Force that tears?