Sheree Brown is a Woman of many colors.
She is a writer, poet, Afrofuturist, artivist, cultural creative, educator, and new mother.

Her passions reside in working with plants, youth, and women all across the spectrum.  She dances with the cosmos, and writes the future of her people in her spare time.

She is an herbalist, and is rooted in traditional indigenous medicine of her mixed ancestry. Her medicine is a direct reflection of her roots, with ancestors guiding the way.

She is an advocate for and believes in:
Reproductive Justice. Restorative Justice. Womb-wellness. Healing. Herbalism. Natural & Ancestral Medicine. Ancestral Healing. Healing from Trauma. Seeds: Collecting and Preserving. Nutrition. Food as Medicine. Food Justice. LGBTQ Rights. Birth Work. Empowerment. Embodiment. Evolution.

Her proudest achievement thus far is bearing the seed of her first child, her first daughter, Solana Molina Brown.