Sup familia. 
Welcome to Me... *cue the music and giant mobile swan float* ;)

Basically this blog came about for several reasons:

1. My mother has been on my case for years about starting a blog. Years, I tell you. *MamaWeMadeIt*
2. As a practicing herbalist I am largely "self-taught." Meaning, I source my information and inspiration from many different places, including the internetz. I came to find that there are many many herbalist sites that are outdated, non-user friendly, and just plain boring as hell. I wanted to read a blog that was relevant, aesthetically pleasing, and super informative. So, this is my attempt at creating something that I would want to read.
3. I guess I am not your typical "herbalist" audience, given that I am BlackQueerXicana Indigena BrujaFromTheFutchaaa and nothing I see represents me. Sooo this is definitely for the homies that don't quite fit in elsewhere. Yall are my audience for sure. #WierdosUnite

This is about the medicine. This is about the community. This is about access to vital information for the health and wellness of our people. As people of color, and people deeply entrenched in this futuristic-social media-saturated culture, we are constantly inundated with traumatic headlines and divisive rhetoric. I just want to be a voice for healing, for integration, and for truth. 

I know I am one among many, but I also know that no one benefits from my silence, especially me. Audre Lorde reminds us to speak, for we were never meant to survive

I'm hella human. Let that be known, and celebrated. I'm a new mother, and I'm doing my best every day to make sense of the world, to make sense of this healing work I know I must do, and bring my self back into balance. Much of this blog will be about that journey, and I'm hoping someone can relate.

*Disclaimer* For the Record... I do not claim to be a grammar or punctuation expert... Although YES I majored in English, and NO I did not give any f*cks about grammar rules then, or now. So. Excuse my excessive commas and occasional bad sentence. I hope we can still be friends.