lovemestiza >>> book of poetry & prose

Dreaming beyond the shadows of life, Sheree Brown takes us on a journey to explore the realms of breaking apart, to heal again. Weaving the journeys of ancestry and future timelines, Brown carries us to the depths of her darkest moments and facilitates the transformation of her life and body through process, writing, and ritual. Exploring the convergences of identity, she illustrates the unique experience of a woman of mixed ancestry living in the North American Southwest. 

The book consists of four parts // four movements, that indicate our orientation in time//space of the journey: 

Black: the personal is political.
Afromestiza: the embracing.
Shadows: death and the work of the dark goddess.
Dreams: love returns.

The first two sections are an exploration in identity politics, and ancestral connections.

The section on shadows deals with exploring the shadow self, the dark goddess within, and the deep traumas that need to be examined and healed. This is the shadow work, and where the healing occurs.

The final section is where the light enters, and new visions of a life beyond the shadows are woven. There is love, dream, and reconciliation with self, the beloved, and the body.

There are polaroids throughout the book, adding texture and depth to the journey.

There are also four recipes included, in direct relation//dialogue with the sections they are found in. These recipes are designed to foster connection with body and self, with the help of plant allies. This is the interactive pathway toward healing and restoration.